Stay busy doing the things you love.
DodoMotorcycle Ride to Bhutan Akash was busy ticking off the checklist to nirvana.
× Realize that it’s been a while since you've shown Dodo a good time. × Find tickets to Siliguri, from where the path to enlightenment begins. × Listen to the motorcycle breathe on the mysterious serpentine roads. × Pass through the veil of mist and rain. × Forget the mundane. × Eat Shakam Datshi - dried beef, green chilies and cheese to keep you warm through
rain and cold wind. × Find a cute kid to pose next to your bike. × Meet like-minded people in Thimphu. × Spend an evening at Mojo Park, over music and happiness. × Listen to the river flow, en route to Paro. × Follow Guru Padmasambhava footprints to Tiger’s Nest. × Surround yourself with stories of Bodhisattva painted on the walls. × Treat yourself to a lovely massage after a long day's ride. × Avoid thoughts of coming back.